Teasdale, UT: 3-Day Recce Carbine Course


Teasdale, UT: 3-Day Recce Carbine Course

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Course Description: 

The Recce Carbine Course is a (3) day tactical firearms training based on the fundamentals of gunfighting and small unit tactics utilizing a "Recce" AR setup (variable or fixed powered scope, 14.5"-16"-barreled AR platform, preferred). Shooters will be challenged executing various courses of fire and maneuvering in a mountainous environment (ranging from 10-500m). Additionally, Shooters will be presented with optimal techniques and procedures in setting up and employing their Recce carbine and associated kit (light weight pack and load bearing belt/vest). 

Course Requirements: 

  • Shooters are required to have successfully completed a basic AR course prior to attending this course.

  • All Shooter’s MUST possess a mastery in safe weapons manipulation and the clearing of malfunctions with the AR platform. (This is not a “beginner course”).

Course Subjects/Topics covered:

  • Gun fighting tenets

  • Range estimation

  • Truing

  • Fire & Maneuver techniques

  • Identifying Points of Domination

  • Implementation of cover and concealment

  • Ballistics

  • Target discrimination

  • Observation of engagement feedback

  • Methods of target engagement (10 to 500 meters)

  • Establishing a hasty range card

Recce Carbine setup requirements:

Carbine Optics:

Shooter’s Carbine must possess a fixed or variable powered optic (i.e. MK6 1-6, MK8 1.1-8, ACOG, etc.) suited for mid-range engagements out to 500 meters. The Carbine setup must also provide a close range or CQB capability with the use of an “off-set site” (i.e. Delta Pro, Dueck RTS, etc,) mounted on the handguard, primary optic, or at the 12 o’clock position on the upper receiver.

Carbine barrel length

Ideal barrels lengths for the course are 14.5” or 16”. That being said, shooters can run an SBR with a magnified optic and offset sites or an SPR with an 18” barrel, MK6 3-18, and offset sites.

Carbine Caliber(s)/ Ammo Requirements:

  • 5.56, .308, 300BO are authorized calibers for this course (Please contact us if you desire to run a different caliber than listed).

  • 600 rounds of quality ammo are required for the Recce course (i.e. Hornady 73gr ELD-M 5.56). Absolutely NO RELOADS!

Additional Carbine requirements:

  • Bi-pod

  • Two-point sling (i.e. Vickers tactical sling)

  • (3) 30 round AR magazines (at a minimum)

  • Flash Hider or suppressor only. NO MUZZLE BRAKES PERMITTED!!!

Gear List:

  • Day Pack (small pack)

  • Gloves

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Sub-load belt or load bearing vest (to retain magazines)

  • Bump or Kevlar helmet (optional)

  • Light weight hikers or trail running shoes

  • Tool (i.e. Leatherman)

  • Rear bag

Optional Gear List:

  • Bump Helmet

  • Rifle IR laser (i.e. PEQ15)

  • Rifle white light (Sure Fire Scout)

  • Helmet mounted Night Vision (i.e. PVS31, PVS14)