Q Ranch, New Mexico: Scoped Carbine


Q Ranch, New Mexico: Scoped Carbine

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Q Ranch Scoped Carbine Package** (Raton, New Mexico)

**Total Cost of this course is $1450.00: $850 tuition (paid upon registration) + $600 Lodging & Range fees (paid onsite at the start of the course. See lodging pictures and description below).

Course Description: 

Scoped Carbine Course at Q Ranch is a 3-day tactical firearms training focused on the fundamentals of gunfighting, small unit tactics, and the practical application of the Tremor3 reticle.

Located in the rugged mountains outside Raton, New Mexico, shooters will be challenged by a diverse natural terrain, changing weather conditions, and 8700 ft. elevation.

Shooters will engage targets from “Close Quarters” distances out to the maximum effective range of the shooters individual weapon system.  Developing full-field situational awareness and addressing the variables of physical and mental duress, shooters will understand what it takes to master the fundamentals of marksmanship in a practical, real-world environment. 

Course Requirements: 

  • Shooters are required to have successfully completed a basic tactical AR course prior to attending this course.

  • All Shooter’s MUST possess a mastery in safe weapons manipulation and the clearing of malfunctions with the AR platform or bolt-gun. (This is not a “beginner course”).

  • All shooter’s must possess an AR (large frame) chambered in .308, 264, or 243. 

  • Shooters must be in good health and physically able to adjust to and train at 8700 ft. elevation and move across uneven, natural terrain in the outside elements.

Course Subjects/Topics covered:

  • Gun fighting tenets

  • Practical application of the Tremor3 reticle

  • 12” Rapid Range Estimation Drill (Developed by Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st)

  • Truing (introduction to the Applied Ballistic Kestrel) 

  • Fire & maneuver techniques

  • Identifying Points of Domination

  • Implementation of cover and concealment

  • Target discrimination & observation of engagement feedback

  • Methods of target engagement (25 to 1000 + meters)

  • Establishing a hasty range card

Rifle setup requirements:


Shooters must possess a variable powered optic with the Tremor3 reticle (Tremor2, H59, and H58 are acceptable). Leupold Scopes with Tremor3 reticle are available to loan for students on site if needed.  Please let us know in advance if you will need a loaner scope.

Shooter’s AR will need to have an “off-set” site capability for close range engagements. (i.e. iron site or red-dot)

Rifle Caliber(s)/ Ammo Requirements:

  • .308, 6mmCM, 6.5CM, 260Rem, are authorized calibers for this course (Please contact us if you desire to run a different caliber than listed).

  • 700 rounds (minimum) of quality ammo are required.

Additional Rifle requirements:

  • Bi-pod

  • Two-point sling (i.e. Vickers tactical sling)

  • (3) 10/30 round magazines (at a minimum)

  • Flash Hider or suppressor only. NO MUZZLE BRAKES PERMITTED!!!

Gear List:

  • Day Pack (small pack)

  • Gloves

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Sub-load belt or load bearing vest (to retain magazines)

  • Bump or helmet (optional)

  • Light weight hikers or trail running shoes

  • Tool (i.e. Leatherman)

  • Rear bag

  • Other personal/clothing items appropriate for variable spring mountain weather conditions 

Lodging description:

This course will be located at Quintanilla Ranch—or “Q Ranch” as we like to call it—outside of Raton, NM.  Shooters will be provided lodging on-site in fully-equipped shooters' bunkhouse (see photos below).  For lodging/site details & questions, contact:  conner@qmctx.com