Teasdale, UT: 3-Day Recce Pistol

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Teasdale, UT: 3-Day Recce Pistol

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3-Day Recce Pistol Course in Teasdale, Utah

I have long debated the idea of running a pistol course over the years. The sticking point has always been a desire to provide the shooter with more than just marksmanship training.  With the goal of providing the same type of intensive, individualized training experience that shooters receive in my Carbine courses, I have spent the last two years developing the 3-Day Recce Pistol course.

Employing a pistol during my time as both a Reconnaissance Marine and an advisor (contracting) for the DoD, I have found that every environment brings its own challenges.  Shooters who rely on a pistol as their primary means of protection (whether in an urban or more austere setting) must have a realistic understanding of a pistol’s capability within their specific operational environment—and engage in training that allows them to safely apply the fundamentals of marksmanship in a challenging, non-static environment at an elevated heart rate.   

The Course: The Recce Pistol is for the experienced shooter! This is not a beginner-level course**—it is intended for the seasoned tactical/competitive pistol shooter who is looking for a physically/mentally challenging three days of shooting.  Students will apply principles of tactical marksmanship, situational awareness, and walk away with an understanding of the capability and means of employment of their pistol (and associated gear/equipment) within a variety of operational environments.

(**All students must possess a mastery in safe/proper weapons function and manipulation--i.e. you have attended multiple pistol courses from different instructors and/or are an avid/competitive pistol shooter.)

Location: Follow Through Range Facility, Teasdale, UT  At elevations of 6700ft+ the spectacular scenery, changing seasons and challenging terrain of Utah’s Capitol Reef area provide an unparalleled backdrop for multiple courses of fire as well as range settings that change daily and are customized to meet the specific objectives of the group. 

Class Size: In order to maximize individual instruction time, the course will be limited to 10-12 shooters.

Cost: $850/shooter; tuition/instruction only.  Students are responsible for their own food, lodging, travel, and other related expenses.  

Gear List:

  • Pistol chambered in 9mm, .45cal, 40S&W, 10mm (recommend striker fire-type pistol, i.e. Glock)

  • NO revolvers!!

  • Protective eye wear (ballistic)

  • Electronic Ear Protection

  • “Pistol Belt” (ie 1.5” nylon belt that holds holster, magazine pouches, etc.)

  • Holster (no nylon holsters) Kydex with preferably two points of retention

  • 5 Pistol magazines

  • 2 Pistol magazine pouches

  • Light source (pistol mounted or hand held)

  • Day Pack (to be worn during courses of fire carrying mission essential equipment)

  • Gloves

  • Tool (i.e. Leatherman multi-tools)

  • Weapons lube

  • 800 rounds of Pistol ammunition (NO reloads!)

  • Trail running shoes/boots

  • Long Pants/Jeans