Night Fighter-Scoped Carbine

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Night Fighter-Scoped Carbine

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*All dates subject to change/cancellation--Check back to our website regularly for updates, changes, & additions to the course schedule listed below:

More Dates TBA


Follow Through's Night Fighter & Scoped Carbine courses provide a one-of-a-kind shooters’ experience designed to bring the physical, mental, and technical aspects of gunfighting off of the square range and into a rugged, rural environment where shooters learn to maximize the capability of their carbine/AR rifle.  Buck Doyle brings over two decades of observation and experience on and off the battlefield in teaching students to shoot, move, and communicate—from the gunfighter’s perspective.

 In Night Fighter, Follow Through and TNVC have teamed up to take all of the elements of the Scoped Carbine course into a no-light environment. With TNVC providing the latest NV equipment to students during the course, Night Fighter courses allows shooters the opportunity to employ a variety of night vision clip-on devices (both I2 & thermal), while incorporating all of the instructional tenets of the regular Scoped Carbine course. 

Subjects covered include zeroing/truing, range estimation (Accuracy 1st 12” Rapid Engagement Formula), utilizing practical supported/non-supported shooting positions from cover and concealment, fire & maneuver, observation methods with a rifle scope, atmospherics, and accurately engaging targets from under 100 to 800+ meters.

An adjusted schedule will include some daylight instruction/training, working well into the night.  Prerequisites: Shooters must have a mastery of the fundamentals of marksmanship and manipulation of the AR platform.  **A limited number of scopes are available for loan to students, please contact us regarding availability prior to your course. Night vision equipment provided to students during the course by TNVC.


Equipment needed:

Serviceable carbine/AR 15 (5.56, 30cal)

*Rifle Optic (recommended: F1, variable powered with H27, H59, Tremor 2 or 3 Horus Reticle) *A limited number of optics available to loan, please contact us regarding availability prior to your course.

“Off-set” sight, i.e., RTS (Dueck Defense), RMR, Aimpoint, etc. (for CQB courses of fire)

500 rounds ammo (300 rounds must be match grade)

Bi-pod & Sling (2-point, i.e. Vickers’ Tactical)

Rifle cleaning gear

Shooting Mat

Rear Bag

Note pad and pen/pencil


Knee pads

Elbow pads (optional)

Day pack (small pack to carry during the day containing water, snacks, wash cloth, etc.)

Ballistic eye protection

Ear protection (electronic ear muffs)

Appropriate clothing suited for weather & running in micro terrain

Light weight boots or trail running shoes

Strong belt (1.5” to 2” wide) that will support additional weight ie loaded magazines

Ball cap or bush cover (sun protection)

4 magazines for your weapon system (20 and/or 30 round capacity)

1 magazine pouch/ war belt

Retention pouch to retain empty magazines

Additional equipment:

White Light/ Head lamp

Sun screen

Lip balm


Face towel