Ladies' Pistol & Home Defense-Logan, UT

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Ladies' Pistol & Home Defense-Logan, UT

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Ladies' Pistol & Home Defense (1-Day)

2017 Dates: TBA

A course designed specifically for women who want expert training in the safe and effective use of their pistol, including functional instruction on home defense.  The following subjects are covered: safe handling and maintenance of your pistol, fundamentals of marksmanship, loading and unloading procedures, diagnostic firing drills, malfunctions, different firing positions, and establishing and maintaining a shooters' mindset.

Gear List: 

  • Tactical pistol, ie Glock/M&P (no compact pistols or revolvers)
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • At least 1 pistol magazine pouch
  • Kydex holster (please no nylon holsters)
  •  300 rounds ammo (please no reloads)
  • ballistic eye protection
  • ear protection (electronic ear muffs)
  • appropriate clothing, suited for aggressive movement and physical activity
  • light weight boots or trail running shoes
  • strong belt (1.5"-2" wide) that will support additional weight (i.e. loaded magazines or sub-load)
  • retention/drop pouch to retain empty magazines
  • pistol lubrication, cleaning gear

Additional Equipment: 

Sunscreen, lip balm, lunch, & water bottle(s), notepad & pen/pencil