1-Day Tactical Carbine

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1-Day Tactical Carbine

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2017 Course Dates: TBA

1-Day Tactical Carbine: "Fundamentals of Gunfighting"

This 1 day course for beginner/intermediate, and experienced carbine shooters reinforces safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, then builds upon the individual shooters' foundational skills.  Limited to just 10 shooters per class, prepare to get more instruction in one long day than you're used to getting in three. Subjects covered include individual diagnostics, barricade shooting, malfunctions, fire and maneuver, tactical reloads, and multiple target engagement.  By days' end, you will learn to shoot, move, and communicate--with a gunfighter's mindset.

Gear list:

  • Eye & Ear protection (electronic ear muffs are recommended)
  • Serviceable carbine/AR 15 (5.56mm)
  • Rifle cleaning gear
  • Serviceable tactical sling preferred (Vicker's Tactical Two-Point Sling recommended)
  • Minimum 1 magazine pouch or method to carry spare magazine
  • Minimum 3 serviceable 30-round magazines
  • "Dumb pouch" to retain empty magazines
  • 400 rounds of ammo (please no reloads)
  • Appropriate range clothing (gloves & knee pads recommended)
  • Positive "mindset"
  • Water bottle, sack lunch
  • Sunscreen