This past weekend we held our first 3-day Scoped Rifle course at the scenic and rustic Red River Ranch facility in Teasdale, UT.  We have been working hard over the past year to create a training venue that provides not only unmatched views, but challenging courses of fire that utilize the area's micro terrain and provide shooters of all levels a chance to identify and maximize the capabilities of their individual weapons.

This course is perfect for anyone who plans to step off the square bay with their AR--from the first morning we were shooting on the move and applying the fundamentals of marksmanship under conditions that elevated the heart rate and required constant and conscious adjustment of our body position and weapons.

This being our first run of the course, we invited some of our industry partners from Surefire, LLC and Armalite to shoot alongside a couple of seasoned, world-traveled hunters.  While all were experienced shooters, none had run a course quite like the one at the Teasdale facility.  Shooters worked on maximizing the use of cover and barricades, identifying and establishing points of domination, engaging targets from 5 to 500 meters (in a single course of fire), as well as training in low-light conditions.

The positive feedback we've received has us even more excited about our Fall and Winter Red River Ranch courses.  Be sure and reserve your spot in our next Scoped Rifle course on Sept. 26-28th. (Additional dates TBA soon!)

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