At 6700 ft. elevation, just outside of Capitol Reef National Park, I'm shooting from between the rails of an old ranch fence, across the Fremont River, and hearing the clang of the reactive steel targets embedded in dusty red rock cliffs on the other side.  Yep, I'm pretty much in heaven...(though if my wife asks, I'm working!).   Really though, I've been finishing up work at the Teasdale, UT range facility, looking forward to the 3-day Scoped Rifle course Aug. 15-17th.  I have to say, that if I could turn back the clock to my days as a Recon Team Leader--this is exactly where I'd bring my guys to train.  Instead of a square bay or a table we'll shoot from an old log or from the cover of a ditch.  With three full days and an unlimited number of courses of fire (at  mid-range distances mostly 100-800m), we will use the natural terrain for varying shooting positions, moving/bounding to cover, and adjust to the unpredictable winds that are common out here in "God's Country".  Here's a few pics of me moving targets and working on the range.  We've still got a few spots open for this course--click here for more information.