Saturday was a great day to shoot and train in the scenic Cache Valley, where we held a 1-Day Basic Carbine course at the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range.  Students included both civilians and law enforcement, with some of "Utah's finest" coming in to train from units across the state.

Focusing on the fundamentals of marksmanship (grip stance, sight alignment/sight picture, trigger control, breathing, and follow through), training emphasized conscious position and weapon manipulation, avoiding a "going through the motions" mentality that can hamper safety and accuracy for even the most seasoned shooter.  

Anyone who thought they were going to be spending all day standing still on a square bay soon realized that's not what we do here at Follow Through.  As a firm believer in training for a practical environment, we had shooters on the move before lunch--defining points of domination, refining individual shooting positions, and incorporating movement and an elevated heart rate to assess its impact on shooter performance.  

We had a great group of guys, ready to learn and put in a full day's training.  As a result, we were able to get a lot in for a 1-day course while maintaining a safe training environment and a high level of individual instruction.

Basic Carbine is a course that will benefit any level of shooter, whether they're a new carbine owner without formal training, or an experienced military or LE rifleman--because there's no shooter that's above revisiting the fundamentals. 


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