I've had a lot of different titles--been called my fair share of names, but "blogger" was never one of them.  Being the crusty old Marine I am, I assumed that title was reserved for tech geeks who like to see their ideas in electronic print or friends of my wife whose obsession with recipes, organic diaper changing, and shopping needed an outlet. 

I'll be the first guy to tell you that staying current--whether it be on the battlefield or the ball field--is the key to staying relevant and being the best at what you do.  My wife often reminds me that behind my thick skull is a guy with lots of ideas and experience to share.  So, in the spirit of staying current, I've decided to start a blog and share some of that knowledge, as well as my take on some of the current trends in the firearms/defense/training industry.   

I hope you'll find the blog posts to be informative, interesting, or at the very least mildly entertaining--Feel free to email me with feedback or ideas and topics you'd like to hear more about.  Welcome to Buckisms! 



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